Coaching For The Root Cause.

Emotional Health. Empowerment.

Deep Coaching.

Emily coaches the whole-person at a level of depth that enables individuals to identify, understand and break patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that keep them from vitality, fulfilment and success.

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Keynote Speaker.

I make emotional health accessible and inspiring through highly articulate keynote talks.

My motivating talks connect the benefits of emotional health to the issues and contexts of every day life, sparking a sense of empowerment and a higher perspective.

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About Emily.

In working with me you’ll find an abundance of enthusiasm for what is possible, a promise of progress and healing when you commit whole-heartedly to this work, and my commitment to doing good in this world.

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If you have questions or would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please reach out at emily@emilyarmstrong.com to schedule a free 15-min consultation.