Keynote Speaking

Engaging keynotes.

I deliver engaging keynote speaking that leaves audiences with the insights and tools to see and heal unwanted patterns that hinder them, evolve their abilities to communicate and vastly improve the quality of their personal and professional relationships.

These sessions are interactive, include opportunities for reflection and offer theory and practical steps that can be applied right away.

Understanding Inner Child Programs

An introduction to the subconscious programs that run 95% of our thoughts, feelings and actions and the ways in which we can increase our self-awareness, so that we have greater ability to more consciously choose the course of our life!

Loving Communication in Life and Work

Increase your awareness of loving communication through exploration of empathetic communication, language that contributes to connection, and the ways we can empower others through conscious communication.

The Power of your Heart Intelligence

Learn what heart intelligence is, how to access a more optimal state in any moment, and try for yourself three techniques that support a stronger heart and self-connection.

Healthy Boundaries for a Healthy Life

Become acutely aware of the current state of your boundaries in six areas of your life: Your self-relationship, Family of Origin, Friends, Work, Money, and Social Media. This information can guide you to the relationships and circumstances that need your time and attention to transform.

Kind words.

“We had Emily in to give a talk at Origin Workspace and it was a huge success. I had people come up to me for days afterwards saying how refreshing it was to have something that felt so intuitive and hard to put words to, explained in a way that made so much tangible sense. Emily has a really grounded way of delivering that’s clear, insightful and very human. I felt very nourished by the exercises she did with us and left feeling open-hearted and inspired. Thank you Emily!”

~ Hebe Dickins, Community Host at Origin Workspace


If you have questions or would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please reach out at emily@emilyarmstrong.com to schedule a free 15-min consultation.